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Succotash my Balzac, dipshiitake.


Thursday, December 22
Perhaps you already know all about him and his great art, but I just found David Lanham. Really great work, I must say. I'm not a fan of clunky desktop themes or kitzchy icon sets, but I think I might actually use some of his. Some of his work is featured pretty prominently among lifehacker's desktop show and tell crowd.

And let's face it, I found it on the internet. Which means it's awesome. Awesome to the max.

Does this commercial make me look fat?

Wednesday, December 21
I don't think she's got an over-large booty, but I can't help chuckling at Brendan Koerner's description of the annoying Nokia commercial girl's "bejunked trunk."

Now that's good writing.

Nerd stuff

Tuesday, December 20
I've been playing with the personalization options on the Google homepage. Specifically, I'm trying to build modules. Modules are to Google what widgets are to Yahoo. And since I can't install any cool stuff on my computer at work, I'm trying to build a cool Google homepage and create it as and active desktop in my office. Thus, I should be able to have a widgety desktop anyway.

Look, I work in a gray cubicle. I have to do something to keep myself entertained.

Anyway, the first one I made is the playlist scroller for KEXP 90.3 Seattle. I listen to it in Windows Media Player (yet another joy of working in an office where PC timkering is verboten), which doesn't show the current song and artist, and I hate keeping an entire browser window open to see the playlist scroller in one tiny little corner of it.

So, to anyone who knows about this kind of crap, take a look at the module I made, and tell me how to do it better. Danke.

Has anyone else whipped up one of these? Want to share? I'd really like to make a Google module version of my favorite Yahoo widget.

Embracing my inner jerk

I have a dog and two cats. The cats I like. The first cat we got from a friend who lived down the street when we were first married. He (the cat, not the friend) is kind of an asshole who likes to be fed just before dawn, but we generally get along. I'm pretty sure the second cat is mentally retarded, which is fine. I get along really well with retards. I am totally smarter than her and I control her food. She thinks I rule a small planet that is full of kitty chow, and that I periodically go there, whip the people into submission and return with my plunder of delicious food, which she then eats as if she has never tasted it before and it is totally blowing her mind.

But the dog is a different story. Her name is Emma, and she's really sweet. She doesn't want to be a problem. Honestly, she just wants to sleep on the couch, leak pee onto it, and for no one to raise their voice above a whisper while she is in the room. She's got some cowardice issues. As in, loud farts make her knees buckle in fear.

We've had Emma for a year now. And I thought she would become more comfortable around us and grow braver and more friendly. And I guess she has a little, but she still pees out of fear/excitement/idiocy when I get home. And I thought that maybe it would irritate me less when I was out of school for a while and had more time to exercise her and I wasn't as stressed out. But, I've been out of school for about a week now, and I just want her to go away. It's bad, I know. She's just a dog. She just wants to be loved, and I want her to die quietly or run away.

Who wants a doggy for Christmas?

Sm'uther stuff

Friday, December 16

I hesitate to do this out of respect/recognition of the brazillion other blogs that do this kind of shit, but here's what I've found worth reading today:

And there you have it. Blogwhoring 101. Can't we snuggle a little before you leave?

Mo betta beta

Yahoo mail beta
Originally uploaded by ashby.

My yahoo email just got the new yahoo mail beta green light. I'm so happy.

So far, it's great. It automatically imported all my RSS feeds that I had in, and it's actually a lot easier to keep up with and read them from this interface. The email functionality of it, appropriately, is also great. Totally seamless, and it utilizes single keystroke commands for common tasks - "f" for forward and so on (ala gmail).

It doesn't have TXT messaging integrated yet, which would be nice. During the day, my wife and I communicate almost exclusively by text messages (healthy, I know), and I'd like to see a right-click menu "Send Text" option for each of my contacts whose mobile phone numbers are entered in my address book.

Also, for some reason it isn't playing well with my Odeo RSS feed. It displays the new audio heading and description, but the link just goes to the host site for that clip (NPR, KCRW, etc). Of course, that may be an Odeo thing too.

Anyone else get the ymail beta recently?


Wednesday, December 14
I just finished finals and a 23-page paper that's been lodged in my brain an impacted bowel. That's right, like petrified poo. I couldn't be happier.

So now I get a few weeks of lying around, watching TV, and sipping bourbon. Oh, and going to work still, I guess, but I never really pay attention much there. I mean here. Cause I'm at work now. I'm sorry, did you say something?

And as a random insight into my life, take this. I'm not gay, but I'm really hoping to get a TiVO for Christmas so I can record a new show that starts in January. (doesn't their picture make you want to blow cigarette smoke right in their faces?)

Also, as Palmer was so good to point out to me, there is precious little time separating me from my first race. Better start my carb-loading now.

Ooh, look, there's an infomercial on

Sunday, December 11
I have three final exams/projects in the next 72 hours. I have a lot to do for each of them. And I would rather do just about anything in the world right now.

I choose napping.

I can't feel my feelers

Friday, December 9
Wednesday night was an end of the semester party at a professor's house. There was a .750 of Maker's Mark. For a little while, at least. The party went well into Thursday, and I was driven home and re-delivered to the house at 7 a.m. to pick up my truck and go to work. I think it was seven degrees. Kelvin.

And then last night I went to see the opening of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and could we squeeze some more words into the title of this movie? Since it began at midnight and featured 158 trailers, teasers, commercials and pleas for money and attention of any sort, it wasn't actually over until close to three. And then I came to work again today.

So now, about two hours after a couple plates heaped with delicious Indian food, I can barely keep my eyes open. It's Friday. Someone tell my boss to send me home.

Nobody tells me anything around here

Thursday, December 8
I don't know if I am just really slow to pick up on things or if there is an elaborate conspiracy to keep me in the dark (perhaps a sinister, booze-fueled combination of the two?), but I only just now saw that Knoxville has been added to Craigslist.

I've always been jealous of other cities that were part of Craigslist, and I would spend hours, days even, browsing through listings for old typewriters, books, bicycles, cars and yearn for the day when I too would live in a Craigslist city. And now that day is here. And I am sooo going to be hungover tomorrow.

Woo, we're on Craiglist. Let's get trashed.

Now we just need to get some people with really cool stuff to move here so they can sell it to us for cheap.

Oh my

Wednesday, December 7
I just heard the news, and I don't know what to do with myself. I feel like I should start stocking up on chips and beer for the office.

A collective forehead smack

Tuesday, December 6
We all know that UT spends a lot of money on athletics, especially football. Not everyone agrees with it, but they also make an assload of money. Generally, I feel like the athletic department makes some high-profile boo-boos, but that they operate in the black every year, and they give more to the UT and Knoxville community than they take.

But there are times when I really wonder what they are thinking. Yes, perhaps stadium renovation is needed, and will be more expensive than expected. But seriously, how can they point out the need for housing in the Gulf states and ask for $9 million more (added to the $107 million they already have budgeted) for extra concession stands?

5-6 season + asking state for $9 mil extra = kissing goals 1 and 2 goodbye.

Pathetic or ambitious?

Monday, December 5
This morning it was raining. And cold. And early. And my truck was looking so lonely in the driveway. So I drove it to work instead of riding the bike. And it was good.

But when I got to work, I found out my morning class was canceled, which would leave me with an actual lunch hour. And it stopped raining. And, lo, I felt guilty for driving my truck, which has about the same fuel-efficiency as an asthmatic Unimog.

So I drove home on my lunch break and traded the truck for the bike. Now, having just pedalled back to work, I'm wondering what the good of that was. I didn't actually save any gas, and I could have gotten the same (more, even) exercise by going to the gym down the street after work. Also, I could have eaten an actual lunch if I had just stayed here, instead of this hopefully-not-stale Clif Bar. and hindsight. Delicious.


Friday, December 2
I've recently become a big fan of the podcast catch-all website Odeo. It's a great tool for finding podcasts that I can just listen to at work without worrying about hauling around my mp3 player with me everywhere I go (this might be the pinnacle of laziness "No, not the mp3 player. What if I hurt my arms carrying it?") Also, it has a nifty little do-it-yourself podcast creation thingy. With about 10 or 12 clicks and some keystrokes, I had set up a channel, recorded my first podcast (under a minute, thanks), and even slapped a picture on there.

The internets are amazing.

Carol-canceling headphones?

Thursday, December 1
Welcome to the first day of December. The day upon which the radio station my cubicle neighbor listens to switches to all Christmas music. All the time. I've only been overhearing it for about four hours, and already I'm thinking killing her could be reasonably construed as self-defense.

Anyone have experience puncturing eardrums?