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Holy sweet yes

Thursday, September 29

Now, I know that many of you out there are part-time ninjas. Also, most of you have cell phones. Finally, there is a step-by-step guide for bringing these two traits together into one, deadly, mobile art form. Behold, Nokia Ninjitsu.

Dasha Shishkin

Isn't Dasha Shishkin great?

It's like the Athens of Georgia

Monday, September 26
So, we went to Athens to see a concert this weekend. Can't say enough good things about the show, the town, and the folks we stood behind in line. They were also "Bible College" expats with some level of disillusion/nostalgia about like mine. Perhaps Sufjan draws these sort of crowds. Not unlikely.

We also made our first foray into an actual IKEA store this weekend. Good lord, the crushing onslaught of reasonably-priced furniture and knick-knackery of a Swedish lilt was almost more than I could bear. Almost. Under normal circumstances, it might have been, but I had recently had my spirits buoyed by the ever-encouraging Mr. Stevens. Sufjan + IKEA = emotional stasis. Peace at last.

Excuse me while I'll curl up with my new SNÖ quilt and revel in the soothing sounds of "Come On, Feel the Illinoise."

Podcasts that should exist

Saturday, September 24
The Writer's Almanac.
This I believe.
A standalone feed for Slate's Poem of the week.


Friday, September 23
By this time tomorrow, I will be on my way to the Kudzu-covered hills of Athens to take in the glory of Mr. Stevens. Caloo-Calay.

Library Thinging

Wednesday, September 21
I would say that Library Thing is great, fantastic, and a total time-saver for a listophile like myself. But really, it's probably just another good, not great, distraction.

That said, I totally have a crush on it. And if you do too, LT user Malaprop (related to the übergood bookstore in Asheville?) has some great tags for sorting through your virtual tomes.

Party in the library!

Damn the Canadians

Tuesday, September 20
Ashby's great ideas that are never acted upon. Episode no. 473: stolen by Canadians.

This is consistent with their demonstrated pattern of ripping me off.

Rated PG: for tips

Monday, September 19
Ever since I had a mild earlier this summer, I've been trying to lay off the caffeine more. Working full time and going to school nearly full time are not activities that lend themselves to quitting the perky stuff. However, and this surprises some people, I do recognize the importance of being, you know, ambulatory to enjoy the benefits of kicking my own ass through college.

I love coffee. I love coffee like I love beer and BBQ - even when it's bad, it's still pretty damn good. Coffee is hard to let go of. I am having a little success, however. At the height of my oh-my-god-I-want-to-be-sophisticated Anglophilia (that never quite faded), I used to drink a lot of tea. I've gone back, trying to replace the act of the coffee drinking with something significantly less deadly to my delicate little ticker.

About a year ago, I had my first cup of PG Tips. At the time, I probably though it was ok, but quickly dumped it in a nearby drain because it was hogging all that space where I could be keeping some coffee. I recently picked up a box of it, as well as a tin of looseleaf and an infuser. And you know, it's totally awesome. I had a cup this morning with a little honey and some milk. While it didn't go tearing through me quite as nicely as a torrid Sumatran would, it still had sufficient buzz and a nice complexity of flavor that you really can't get very easily with coffee.

And besides, what's not to love about something one can order by the tin? Also, I'm already into their idea of moderation. The back of the PG Tips box refers to "6 Cups/day" as less than excessive consumption. You know, like beer.

Craig Ferguson is trying to kill us all

Thursday, September 15
I'm a Conan guy. Probably always will be. Every now and then, however, my TV wanders over to CBS and I catch a little bit of Craig Ferguson, who would be only mildly amusing if not for the rad Scottish accent (as opposed to the accent I have when watching late night TV: Scotch).

I heard a little bit of his theme music the other night. Sure, it's chipper and a bit drinking-song sounding, and it's full of life's little truths by which I try to live ("You can always sleep through work tomorrow"). But the part that caught me off guard was "Tomorrow's just a future yesterday." That's how the song ends, and it holds on to that last syllable of "yesterdaaaaaaay" just long enough for my booze-hazed mind to spin into a wild abyss of existential crisis. Because, you know, that's true, and it's kind of depressing.

And I might be able to get over it pretty quickly under normal circumstances, but this is non-Conan late night TV I'm watching, so by the time Arianna Huffington comes on as the second guest, I'm out of single malt, and I'm wondering how quickly I could end it all by smashing the empty bottle on the coffee table and jamming the remnants into my eyes.

Luckily for me, I'm even lazier when I'm drunk, so I never get around to trying. But someone who is even a marginal go-getter could be in serious danger if he watches the show. I'm just saying, you know...shower the people you love with love...and don't let them watch CBS after Letterman, whatever you do.

Pocketmod: has my gadget fetish come full circle?

Hmm. Also hmm.

I showed this to a friend of mine at work. Her response was something along the lines of, "So what you're telling me is that you're so caught up in technology that when someone shows you something as simple as lined paper via the internet, you immediately get hot and bothered?"

Why had this never really occurred to me before? She has a degree in psychology. That must explain the insight.

Regardless, I think it's cool. If for no other reason than because I have a boring job, a laser printer, and a fat internet connection just begging me to find something entertaining to do.

Pedro The Lion/Headphones benefit auction

Wednesday, September 7
You've got until September 14 (next Wednesday) to bid on an amazing auction on ebay. it's already out of my price range, but if you love PTL and you have some cash (all that excess financial aid, perhaps) then you should give it a look.

Milk on my monitor

Tuesday, September 6
The cover story for the new issue of Wired is their interview with Jon Stewart and fellow Daily Show maker, Ben Karlin. I nearly lost it at Stewart's response to the final question of the interview.
Your contract goes through 2008. How do you think people will be watching the show then?
Stewart: Through their nipples. I believe the show will come in through one nipple and will be broadcast out the other through some sort of projection device.

Bikey GPS

Thursday, September 1
I've been jonesing for a GPS thingamawhat for my bike ever since I started riding more seriously. And this new one from Garmin, which is made for bikers just like me, is totally rad.

Being the antiadventurist commuter type, I don't really need it, I suppose, but since there is so much other crap in my life I don't really need (sliced cheese, tablecloths, and, technically, pants), I might as well have some cool toys as well.

However, if a gizmo is so expensive that it would exclude the possibility of getting a second bike, then said gizmo will probably stay on the wish list a little longer, bumping other, less expensive luxuries (soap, health insurance, etc) to the top once more.

Sprint con Nextel

So the SprintPCS and Nextel merger thing is in full swing now. I've been a Sprint customer for almost four years now and, while I've been irritated with them sometimes, it's basically been pretty good. I was sort of excited when they announced the merger, hopeful I could get my paws on one of Nextel's near-bulletproof phones or at least a Blackberry.

Also, I was chomping at the bit for September 1 to roll around because I would then be eligible for my $150 "new for you" rebate. It was for enduring my sad little phone with dinged-up case and mismatched battery for 18 months. But now I find out the rules have changed. New deal: I can get a $75 rebate after 12 months or $150 after 24. This means...nothing, really. It's just disappointing. I wish I could get really worked up over it and demand my promised rebate. But I won't.

Geesh, I'm lame today.