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Wearing out my shoes

I was looking for some new shoes online, hoping to find something both eco-tolerant and non-retarded looking. Most of the places I've been looking tout the renewability of their materials, the low impact of their manufacturing process, and/or the unslavish conditions of the workers that stitch the shoes. And as I contemplated the hilarious poseurness of spending money on ecokicks when I drive a 19 mpg truck, it occurred to me that just keeping the shoes I have would accomplish all my goals...for free.


So that's yet another goal; wear out my shoes. Add this to 1) pedalcommuting 60% of the time, 2) eating an apple every day, 3) writing more, and 4) finishing college before my 30th birthday.

I've sort of been a shoe whore over the last few years. Not only do I have many more than I need, I refuse to get rid of them. It's a problem, I know. Back off.

I have:
running shoes: 3 pair
oxfords: 3 pair
boots: 2 pair
regl'r shoes: 2 pair
sandals: 5 pair
basketball shoes: 1 pair
clogs: 1 pair
How long will this last me? How long before the funk is too much and people at work begin leaving Rack Room gift cards on my desk?
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6/07/2005 8:28 PM Blogger Julie

I think you have a while to go to beat ms. marcos.
Groovy goals, wish I could bike to work from seymour, but I'm over my death wish now.
Thanks for stopping by the patchoulie garden..
I love me some lisa and streakhead!    

6/12/2005 2:32 PM Blogger infozo

holy soley, Flatsman! I had no idea! See a doctor. Now!    

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