knox snooze

Succotash my Balzac, dipshiitake.

Inventory time

Things I have done in the last seven days:
- Moved into a new house
- discovered the joys of Kilz® at my old apartment
- been identified as a blogger by someone I didn't expect
- taken a lot of Prednisone, Nexium, and Wellbutrin, though not enough
- smoked, in spite of the medication and pleadings of my wife
- made a concerted effort to drink more local beer
- found a shorter commute from my new house
- was still late to work four days
- updated my voter registration
Things I have not done in that same span:
- talked to a specific family member
- eaten supper before 9 pm
- exercised
- written anything besides this damn blog
- cut my toe nails
- decided who I will vote for
- felt very good at all that's why I feel like ass.
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10/01/2004 9:33 AM Blogger Benny

I had hoped that you had decided who to vote for by now. I put a Kerry sticker on the back window of your truck this morning. Sorry!    

10/01/2004 9:35 AM Blogger Benny

As for the non-clipping of the toenails, please tell me you don't have the flip-flops on today.    

10/01/2004 9:39 AM Blogger Toni

Where do you live? Well.........about the toenail least you clip them. My husband rips them off while he's sitting on the toilet. Imagine that!! No don't imagine that!!!    

10/01/2004 8:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous

Smoke, drink, and please be happy. love F    

10/01/2004 9:08 PM Blogger Sean

Wow, had I caught this blog while still in Knoxville, I might have stayed, or not.    

10/05/2004 10:36 AM Blogger Christian

ugh...Kilz...we have used the oil based variety to deal with nicotine stains in our house and it works but sure leaves a nasty burning sensation in one's throat.    

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