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Schilling for your thoughts

Friday, October 29
Curt Schilling gave an endorsement to President Bush yesterday during an interview. Now, it appears that he's cancelled a scheduled appearance with Dub and he has tempered his earlier enthusiasm.

Bush has yet to call him out on the flip-flop.

(come on, I got nothin' else to write about)

Least surprising news

In case you were wondering, yes, UT football is big business.

What do you want from me?

Benny's calling me out for not blogging enough.

Sorry, dude.

The old visor-tosser

Tuesday, October 26
Few people in this world dislike the University of Florida football program more than me, but I was a little surprised to hear that they had already fired Ron Zook. Now that he's gone, I wonder what the dorks at are going to do now.

I think I have a pretty good idea.

Adult Swim to go

Monday, October 25
Just when I though I wasn't going to be able to live without cable, I think Sprint PCS has come through with a way for me to survive.

NYT Crossword

You know, Monday is supposed to be the easy day for the NY Times crossword puzzle. Maybe they're trying to toughen it up a little. Why else would they completely omit a clue for 60-down?


Thursday, October 21
Sorry if the columns are jacked up on here right now. I'm working on it.

Also, I have no idea what I'm doing.

Theater Thursday

Wow, somehow this post disappeared. Here it is again.

This one is all about the Presidents.
1) Which fictional movie president would you most like to see sitting in the White House?
Bill Pullman was a pretty damn good president in ID4. I think that's how Bush wants to project himself, though it doesn't quite work for him.

2) Do you think the movies accurately portray the circumstances surrounding the life of the US President?
Not that any of us really know, but I doubt it's quite as dramatic as they portray it. I doubt that his every decision, every nuance of his conversations dramatically affects the course of human history. There are a lot of bullcrap meetings, decisions, and events that he is a part of.

3) A number of TV shows recently have featured the POTUS as a main character (The West Wing, 24). Would you accept any of them as the real US President?
I don't know how I would feel about Martin Sheen's ability to govern, but I'm pretty sure he could make a good run at getting elected if he really wanted to.
BONUS) What actor would you like to get the chance to play a US President on screen?
How about Tom Hanks as the prezzy who falls in love via email with the leader of a country around the corner, maybe some quaint island nation. That nation's leader? Meg Ryan. Get Ephron on the phone.

Play Theater Thursday

I may never sleep again

Wednesday, October 20
Holy crap, I've not been getting much sleep lately. Nothing like a little Red Sox-Yankees in October to keep you up too late.

By the way, can anyone explain to me why Schilling would have a blood-soaked sock because of an injured ankle tendon? I thought he was amazing and tough and all of that last night, but I had a hard time figuring out the whole bleeding thing.

Slow blog

Tuesday, October 19
I was out yesterday. I'm busy today. I'm going to pencil in some apathy for tomorrow.

Long story, short: Don't get your little blog hopes up.

Don't tease the animals

Friday, October 15
Have you run out of ways to mess with your pet? Honking the car horn when they squat and drop lost its charm? Tired of only pretending to throw the ball for them to fetch and then watching them pace frantically in search of it? Then it's time for you to step it up with some technology.

Invisible Ink

Why is the blogging so light today? I'm busy, alright. I'm listening to a radio show I just discovered. It's called Invisible Ink, and it's damn good.

Theater Thursday

Thursday, October 14
Friday Night Lights opens this weekend in theaters. So this week it's all about Football.
1) What's your favorite football movie?
Remember the Titans. Not even a question about it. Also, a guy I went to school with was an extra in it. You can see his face for a second when they're at training camp eating breakfast and once when they're practicing at night. It was awesome.

2) Do you think films accurately portray foootball players?
Sure. Aren't all football players better-than-average-looking guys who overcome adversity to triumph, both morally and on the field of play, much like The Replacements?

3) What football movie was so bad, so far fetched, so poorly acted, or so over dramatized that it was painful to watch?
Wildcats. Holy crap, that was bad. Except for all the scenes of Goldie Hawn life lessons to that ragtag bunch of football players.
BONUS) If you were making a football film, what actor would you want to portray your star quarterback? The coach?
I don't know. Tom Hanks as the QB, Meg Ryan as the coach. Written and directed by Nora Ephron.

Play Theater Thursday

Understatement of the week

"I just want to see if I can play at this level."
-- 20 year-old Eddie Johnson after scoring the first hat trick for the U.S. National team in 36 years as they beat Panama 6-0 in a World Cup qualifying match.

The difference between SRO and SOL

Matt Edens has a great column in the Metro Pulse about homelessness in Knoxville. It's an issue that we have tried to address for a long time now, and I think we're at least moving past the misleading phrase, "homeless problem." I've said before that it's ridiculous for anyone to call homelessness a problem who has a home to go to at night.
So what do we do about it? Maybe we should look at what some other places have done.

KKK mural in Chattanooga

Wednesday, October 13
A mural depicting Ku Klux Klansmen on horseback was uncovered on a wall in a Chattanooga building during renovations earlier this week. The contractor had it pressure-washed off.

Too bad it wasn't at least photographed and sampled for future study. Historical artifacts like that don't turn up every day.

Felberian Thinking

Adam Felber has some thoughts about the upcoming "Stolen Honor" documentary to be aired on Sinclair Broadcasting stations, and how it will "interfere" with the fairness of the election.
It brings up a question, too - what is our congress doing to prevent actual events from interfering in the democratic process? Write your congressman today and let him or her know that you won't stand for stuff happening in the weeks leading up to an election.
Also, the man is thirsty. Someone buy him a drink.

Not so Lolita

Tuesday, October 12
John Brown has some thoughts on Barry Dank and Consenting Academics for Sexual Equity, a group now under the umbrella of Academic Sexual Correctness (it also appears in the Daily Beacon).

Brown's comments are, to say the least, wildly speculative and inflammatory. I recognize the ethical concerns that come into play when faculty and students have close personal, even sexual, relationships, but that does not preclude me from appreciating the moral principle upon which Dr. Dank and others stand - that the University should not legislate the sexuality of its students or faculty.

It is a shame that John Brown did not approach the issue in a less sensational manner. It is not, after all, a breaking news story. Dr. Dank was organizing this movement over ten years ago, probably about the time John Brown was involved in much more important affairs like little league baseball or the 6th grade. Perhaps John Brown was not interested in doing anything with his writing other than stirring up paranoia and encouraging ignorant stereotypes. If he was, then job well done.

TV Tuesday

It's officially fall and most of the new shows and new seasons have started, let's talk!!
1. Is there a new show that's caught your attention? Good or bad?
Not really. I've seen a little bit of Joey a couple of times, but I've pretty much stuck to the old standbys.

2. Were there any season premieres you were just dying to see? Did they live up to the wait?
No, not yet. I eagerly await the return of The Family Guy.

3. What's your all time favorite season or show premiere?
I always look forward to the season premiere of The Simpsons. It's usually the only thing that redeems the fact that baseball season has just ended.
~Bonus~ Did you ever end up liking a show that you disliked the premiere of? Which show? Why?
Not really, but it did take me a while to enjoy Harvey Birdman.

Play TV Tuesday

Over-the-hill mortgages

Monday, October 11
Daniel Drezner has some thoughts on the growing popularity and acceptance of the 40-year mortgage.
My gut instinct is that these costs are far outweighed by the benefits of expanding the number of homeowners. Beyond expanding the investing class, this is particularly true if the introduction of this kind of mortgage instrument creates new neighborhoods of homeowners instead of renters.
I am frustrated by the critics who claim this will create a larger debt burden on Americans, implying that we'll all go out and buy the most expensive house we can. Look, if my credit is good enough to buy a house and I have the requisite down payment and closing costs, then give me the benefit of the doubt and assume that I am also responsible enough to decide how to spend my own damn money.
I think that more widespread use of the 40-year mortgage means that we will have some people (more than we have now, I'm sure) getting in over their head, but it will greatly relieve the month-to-month financial burden that responsible homeowners bear. It only means more interest for banks, which is good for the economy, more home construction, which is good for the economy, more home ownership, which is good for the economy, and more homeowners who care about their communities, which translates into greater voter turnout, more responsible citizens, and reduction in crime.

Yes, I'm pulling all of this out of my ass, but it makes sense to you too.

Good reading

You want something good to read today? Of course you do. What a silly question. Go see what Christopher Orlet has written in the most recent edition of Eleven Bulls.

Holy Crap

Superman has died of heart failure too.

Holy Crap

Ken Caminiti died of a heart attack.

Wild haired intellectuals

Friday, October 8
For anyone who is interested (and we all should be), Cornel West is speaking at UT tomorrow morning. Glenn Reynolds may be there as well, and if he is it'll be a regular celebrity affair.

The easiest good deed ever

Wednesday, October 6
Do a good deed this weekend and test drive a Volvo. For every test drive this weekend, Volvo will donate $10 to a local charity. Clayton Motors in Knoxville is participating, and their local charity is the East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

I think I'll try out the V50.

Ohio Vice

Did you watch the debate between the two guys who are running for the highest office of "just in case" last night? Awesome. And by awesome, I mean I'm really glad Fox was carrying the Twins-Yankees game instead.

Too tired to go checking up on all the BS they spewed? has a lovely breakdown of all that was said.

Billy Collins, Louise Gluck, and now

Ted Kooser is coming to Knoxville. He will give a reading at Hodges Library on Friday, November 5. You should go. I will.


Tis a busy week. Blogging only lightly for awhile.

Apparently unable to form complete sentences as well. Must run, hide.

Go Sox.

Some ground rules

Monday, October 4
I'm home sick today, so if I sound a little more vitriolic than normal, please forgive.

Someone has posted a rather inarticulate and self-righteous reply to my post regarding KFAR's recent closure by the FCC. This reminds me that I need to lay some ground rules for commenting on this blog.
1. Anonymous, critical posts prove to me and everyone else that you are a pussy. You will be treated as such. Your comments will remain on the blog for your continued humiliation.
2. If at any time you compare your "cause" to Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandella, Ghandi, or Native Americans, you had better be one of those actual people. Having your little radio club shut down because it is illegal does not constitute human rights violations.
3. Don't be such a jackass.
The rules for getting a broadcast license may have changed, but the fact of the matter remains that there are other ways to solve this. Picket the FCC, write letters and emails, make phone calls, hold a rally, just do something a little less lazy than throwing a temper tantrum when you can't do things your way.

Inventory time

Friday, October 1
Things I have done in the last seven days:
- Moved into a new house
- discovered the joys of Kilz® at my old apartment
- been identified as a blogger by someone I didn't expect
- taken a lot of Prednisone, Nexium, and Wellbutrin, though not enough
- smoked, in spite of the medication and pleadings of my wife
- made a concerted effort to drink more local beer
- found a shorter commute from my new house
- was still late to work four days
- updated my voter registration
Things I have not done in that same span:
- talked to a specific family member
- eaten supper before 9 pm
- exercised
- written anything besides this damn blog
- cut my toe nails
- decided who I will vote for
- felt very good at all that's why I feel like ass.