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Down Time

Monday, June 21
I'm going a little blogsilent for awhile. I have a lot of reading and some writing to take care of. I'll probably post once a week or so, but I think I'm going to try giving it a good month or so of lighter blogging. Please email me or call if you want my cynical opinion.

Go Tribe.

World's cheapest digicam

Thursday, June 17
The fools at have published a hack for a disposable digital camera that is offered by Wolf/Ritz Camera. This means that you can use the $11 "disposable" over and over, and transfer images to your computer with a hacked USB. Pretty cool, but you're still getting crappy images after you hack it.

I learned about this from

Theater Thursday

In honor of Father's Day, this weeks questions are all about Daddy Dearest. From Robin Williams portrayal as a father willing to do anything to see his children in Mrs. Doubtfire ,to the sins of Chris Cooper in American Beauty, all movie dads have made us feel one way or another. So no matter if your dad is a saint or something... else, today is their day.

1. What actor has best portrayed the role of loving father? Name the actor and the film.
John Candy in The Great Outdoors. He's just a good dad.

2. What actor has best portrayed the role of world's worst father? Name the actor and the film.
I can't really think of any that are original, so I'll just go with the first one that came to me: Richard Dreyfuss in What About Bob?

3. If there was a movie to be made about your life, what actor would portray your father?
Eh...How about a slightly older Mel Gibson? I'm sure my mom thanks me...

Happy Father's day to all of you fathers out there.
I love you, Daddy! Remember to leave a link or your answers in the comments. 'Til next time...

Bonnaroo fever

Tuesday, June 15
No, it's not the excitement of going to the bigass music mudbath in Manchester, it's the raging sickness that comes after the fact. I got back last night, and I am pretty sure this past week took a good 10 years off my life.

Also, some of you probably noticed the drought of images on the moblog. Yeah...I didn't have nearly the coverage or the time while there to take many more. I want more pics up there, though, so if you have any images from bonnaroo, cameraphone or other, email them to bonnaroo[dot]music[at]tamw[dot]com, and we'll get them up there. Tell your friends! It's a party! Woohoo.


Sorry, I'll stop shouting now. Back to my throatcoat tea and sleeping.


Tuesday, June 8
Leaving for Bonnaroo in just under 6 hours. I'll be there (working, so don't be jealous) for the rest of the weekend and , of course, all weekend. I'm taking my Vaio with me, so there may be a chance to update while I'm out there. I'll also have my camera and my cameraphone, so be sure to check the photoblog for pictorial goodness throughout the week.

TV Tuesday

From the tame and elegant setting of Oprah to the wild and crazy brawls of Jerry Springer daytime talk TV has a little bit of everything. They've got make-overs, psychics, paternity suits and things you'd rather not know about but their ratings are through the roof!! Like them or hate them they're part of TV culture.

1. Do you watch daytime talk TV? If so, which shows do you watch? Do you prefer the calm shows like Oprah or the wilder side like Jerry Springer?
I don't watch them. I'm usually at work, but when I'm at home for some reason or another, I usually can stand the TV until about 10 a.m., and then it's off to the world wide whatever.

2. Which daytime talk TV show would you like to be on? What would the topic be?
Hrm...I've always wondered if people actually get paid to go on those shows and be freaks. If so, I'd go wherever they paid the best. If not, I'd want to do one like Rosie O'Donnell (is that even still on?) where the host is always giving stuff away. The show topic could be: Check out how many doughnuts this guy can eat.

3. Is there a daytime talk TV show you miss that's no longer on the air? Is there someone you'd like to see get a daytime talk TV show?
I don't miss any of them, but I would like to see Ozzie get his own show. I mean, sure, Sharon has one, but we all know it's Oz who carries the whole reality show, so why shouldn't he get his own show?

~Bonus~ Before talk TV took over game shows ruled the airways during the day, which do you prefer? Or are you a soap opera fan?
Dude, daytime TV is horrible. No two ways about it. I think it should all be educational TV during the day...old reruns of Nova and Newton's Apple and shows like that. Cause we need more education AND more TV!

From the "Who cares?" files

Monday, June 7
I get excited whenever I see that there is a trade in Major League baseball. Have the Indians abandoned the futility of their 15-year rebuilding plan? Have the Red Sox landed a frontline pitcher to push them past the Yankees? This year, though, I've sort of been waiting around for some middling teams to make a move. The back-of-the-packers with some decent talent could initiate a feeding frenzy by trading away a marquee name, indicating that they've resigned themselves to their last-place finish.

So when I saw that the Expos and Brewers had made a trade, I got really excited. I emailed a friend earlier today that I think Ben Sheets or Zach Day would be a great addition for the Red Sox. So, I was interested to see who had given up first and was likely to send a young gun East. And then I read the trade details:

Peter Bergeron for two Milwaukee minor-leaguers.

What the hell?

Farragut HS player drafted in first round

Farragut High School pitcher Steven Waldrup was selected in the first round (25th pick) of the Major League Amateur Draft this afternoon by the Minnesota Twins.

Also, for Middle Tennesseans and Indians fans, the Tribe drafted Vanderbilt lefty Jeremy Sowers with the 6th pick.

Insert "Prior" pun here

Friday, June 4
I'm watching the return of Mark Prior in the Cubs-Pirates game on He looks pretty good so far.

No, that's not true. He looks great. Without sounding completely gay, it's hard to describe what the sight of Prior's delivery in sunny Wrigleyville does for me. Let it suffice that it's something akin to a full-on crush.

He's got such an easy way of mowing batters down. He throws with such little effort that it appears as if he is tossing a perfect game almost accidentally. Almost like he isn't even aware of how damn good he is.

But he is. And I think he knows it. He just doesn't like to show it; doesn't want the opponent to think he's anything other than a powerful and precise pitching machine - not even human. But if you're watching him closely, you can see just how much he's enjoying this. See, he just fooled Jose Castillo with the filthiest of pitches - strike three. And as Prior turns to circle the mound while his infield honors his "K" by tossing the ball around the horn, you can catch a quick glimpse of his face.

He's smiling. He's chuckling. Your inability to touch anything he throws amuses him.

I know he's only human, and that he does and will occasionally get touched for a few runs, but right now, he's untouchable. He may even come back to Earth in this game, but right now all I can see is this kid putting on a pitching clinic when he's supposed to be recovering from an injury. He hasn't really played since last year, and just like that, he's thrown 4 perfect innings. 52 pitches. 5 strikeouts.

This is one of those moments when you step back and think, "I'm always going to remember this."

Harry Potter

The Prisoner of Azkaban opens today. If it wasn't lame enough that I'm going to this movie on opening day, I actually bought tickets for it on Fandango.

That's right. I paid extra to make sure I can see the new Harry Potter movie on opening day. I must make my parents so proud.

I'm still debating whether or not to go in costume. You might think that the biggest obstacle there would be my own dignity. Really, I'm just worried that my wife won't go with me if I am dressed up like Hagrid.

Bye-Bye, Basilio

Thursday, June 3
The KNS reports that local sports-radio prognosticator Tony Basilio has been "let go" from his position at the Horne Radio Network. I never like to see bad things happen to people, but I think Basilio probably deserved to get the boot as much as any on-air personality around here has. He saw himself as a sort of David to UT's well-funded Goliath, taking a confrontational position on just about every issue he could as it related to Volunteer sports. What really irritated me was his attitude of condescension toward local sports fans if they offered up opinions other than his own.

Sounding like a through and through Philly kid never really helped him either.

The last straw was likely his idiotic and belligerent criticism of the Men's Athletic Department's decision to re-work it's season ticket distribution. His stance was reactionary and poorly thought out, and it was a poorly chosen battle. I suspect, as I'm sure Basilio now does, that his current unemployment is what happens to poorly informed loudmouths who decide to get into a pissing contest with UT Football.

What really sucks, though, is that the alleged influence of the UT Athletic Department upon his firing will likely endear him to many critics of the University of Tennessee, and prop him up even more as a victim of the good-old boy system. It's a shame. Basilio was a buffoon on the air who liked to stir controversy with cheap sensationalism. He's not Dr. Bensel-Meyers.

I wonder if he'll keep that writing gig. I hope not. The only thing worse than his annoying voice is his smarmy writing style.

New obsession

If you like wireless, portable and uber-mini, you're going to love the new sub-note desktop replacement from OQO. It's less than a pound, has a 20 GB hard drive, full qwerty keyboard, 1 GHz processor, wifi and bluetooth antennae, and it runs Windows XP.

Start saving your pennies now. You can watch the video review at

Theater Thursday

The Day After Tomorrow has opened to rave great passable some reviews, and disaster movies are once again in vogue. This week's Theatre Thursday questions are about those motion pictures that make us want to avoid the water, planes, tall buildings, large cruise ships, angry atomic reptiles and everything in general that makes life enjoyable...

1) What's your favorite disaster movie of all time?
I'm not a huge fan, but I thought Twister was pretty good. Nothing too fancy, you know, just straight ahead tornado stuff. Also, I saw it at a drive-in in Indiana while it was raining outside. That probably helps preserve the memory some.

2) Do you prefer a disaster movie with tons of special effects, carnage and general mayhem (i.e. Armageddon) or would you rather see one where the focus is on the people and the event's effects on their lives (i.e. Deep Impact)?
I prefer to see the plot-driven style disaster movies, rather than the special-effects ones. Which totally flies in the face of my previous answer.

3) Of all the disaster movies you've seen, which depicts the most realistic portrayal of what might happen in an actual disaster? Which was the most far-fetched?
The most realistic was probably Daylight, but that's probably just because I have an unhealthy fear of tonnels collapsing on me whenever I drive through them. The worst, or one of the worst, was Volcano. An eruption in downtown L.A.? You think people would even notice?

Bonus) Which character would you be if you were in a disaster movie - the tough hero, the corrupt businessman who profits from it all, the old lady who runs around and screams "We're doomed!!!", the kid who saves the day, the young guy who buys it in the first five minutes of the disaster, or another stock character?
I'd probably be the unwitting security guard who is inevitably the first victim of the disaster (dam bursting, reactor meltdown, mutant virus epidemic). Have you noticed also that there is usually a smoking hot female doctor or scientist who defies the stereotypes of beauty and brains and plays an equitable role in saving the day, all the while wearing jeans and an undershirt?

No? Me neither.

And remember, in the immortal words of Maureen McGovern:

There's got to be a morning after
If we can hold on through the night
We have a chance to find the sunshine
Let's keep on lookin' for the light

In case you've never seen her before, this is my girl. Ain't she purty? She's walking our cat. That's right, we have a cat who demands to be walked. In the middle of the night, no less. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 2

Lindsey's t-shirt from Mike Thomas' last show at Union Jack's a couple of weeks ago. Ah, we miss him already. Posted by Hello

I'm playing with the photoblogging tool that blogger now has. I took this photo at Amicalola Falls State Park in northern Georgia. The camera is an Olympus Camedia C-4000Z, which a friend of mine has been kind enough to lend me. Actually, he's trying to get me to buy it from him. I Like it so far. Posted by Hello

New recruits

Welcome to the new Rocky Top Brigadiers.

Don't you mean those bastards from '97?

I love the TribeTracker, but I have to wonder exactly what Joey Morona is thinking. He thinks he's calming the fears of Indians fans evrywhere by assuring them that the season is not lost, just because we haven't gotten off to a good start.
But to say they've reached a make-or-break point in the season is to ignore the fact that the Marlins didn't turn things around until July last year.
He fails to mention that to compare the 2004 Indians to the 2003 Marlins in that manner is to ignore the presence of an actual bullpen in Miami last season. Not to mention the fact that the Fish had an MVP caliber catcher (though Vic Martinez could be there one day), a third baseman who hit 32 HR and 105 RBI, and a first baseman who hit 31 HR and swiped 21 SB. In fact, the only real correlation is that the Indians also have a lot of good, young starting pitchers and a manager who has never been to the postseason.

TV Tuesday

Tuesday, June 1
Hope everyone who was celebrating had a safe Memorial Day weekend!! Hopefully you got an extra day for your weekend!! Now on to this week's questions! Be kind, it's my first week solo! :)

1. In the US many stations run "marathons" all day on Monday, many stations have also went to running all weekend marathons of old sitcoms. So question number one is: Did you watch any of the marathons running this year? In part? In whole?
Every now and then there is an MST3K marathon, and I'll watch some of that. Same for Twilight Zone. I also watched a Mythbusters marathon on New Year's Day.

2. Is there a show you'd like to see run an all day marathon? On the flipside is there a show you'd avoid in marathon?
I'd watch Home Movies for a couple of days in row without a problem. Actually, I'd prefer that to a lot of things I do for a couple of days in a going to work.

3. Is there a show/movie/program that brings back special memories for you and what is it?
Have you ever seen Square One TV? Whenever I see it I can almost taste the chicken noodle soup and PB&J sandwiches from my childhood.

~Bonus~ What show featuring those who protect your country (fiction or non-fiction) is your favorite?
umm...probably M*A*S*H, but the protecting part might be questionable on that.

~Bonus #2~ Out of curiosity, what's the longest you've ever watched TV in one stretch?!
When I was about 14 I was really sick while visiting my grandfather in Indiana. My cousin had a bunch of episodes of 90210 she had taped there, so I laid on the couch and watched like 4 seasons in a row without stopping. Not my proudest moment. Between those episodes and the other crap I watched when I was sick that time, I probably took in a good 18 hours without really moving.

See you next week! Same time! Same channel!!