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TV Tuesday

Jay Leno once quipped when he was alone in an elevator his mind always reverted to the lowest song he could think of: "Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Jed..."

Love them or hate them, TV theme songs stick with us for years! If you're stuck on some lyrics, click here for a comprehensive page with words I never even knew existed. (Who knew I Dream of Jeannie had lyrics???)

On that musical note:

1. What is your favorite TV theme song?
It's kind of hard to think of them in terms of favorites, but I think the least annoying is the Scrubs theme song.

2. Which song drives you crazy enough to hit mute on the remote?
Gilligan's Island

3. Which song are your proud to say you remember (most of) the lyrics to???
The Dukes of Hazzard

~Bonus~ Put the lyrics on your page (from memory), and I'll list you next week in the TV Tuesday Theme Song Hall of Fame. Don't forget to leave a comment so I'll know you posted!
"They're just good ol' boys, never meanin' no harm...
in trouble with the law since the day they were born

hmm-hmm-hmmmmmmm but the law never will

Makin' their way, the only way they know how,
But that's just a little bit more than the law will allow

lalalalalalalalalaaaaaaa...modern day Robin Hood"

Yeah...not so much. Just sing the parts you know, but sing 'em louder.

Thanks for playing, and remember:

"Got kind of tired packing and unpacking,
Town to town and up and down the dial
Maybe you and me were never meant to be,
But baby think of me once in awhile.

I'm at WKRP in Cincinnati..."

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