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Succotash my Balzac, dipshiitake.

Now who's the dummy, dummy?

Saturday, February 28
The ISS (International Space Station) now has a new hood ornament. Actually, the mannequin will help them monitor radiation levels around the station.

But I bet it looks hilarious. I wonder if they're going to put some rims on it.

UT Events today

Thursday, February 26
There's a ton of stuff to do today. In your face, blizzard!


UT Library Friends will host an evening with Diane McWhorter,
journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winner, at 7 p.m. TODAY, Feb. 26, at the
University Club. McWhorter wrote the book Carry Me Home: Birmingham,
Alabama --The Climactic Battle of the Civil Rights Revolution. She writes
for the New York Times and USA Today.

The Patriot Act and Civil Liberties in an Age of Terrorism, a
discussion by First Amendment experts Anthony Lewis and Jane Kirtley, at
7:30 p.m. TODAY, Feb. 26, in 27 Alumni Memorial Bldg. Sponsored by the UT
School of Journalism and Electronic Media and the East Tennessee Chapter of
the Society of Professional Journalists.

Soprano as Fetish: on the Rise of Professional Singers, a lecture by
UCLA's Dr. Susan McClary, musicologist and author of Feminine Endings:
Music, Gender and Sexuality, 2:15 p.m. TODAY, Feb. 26, 214 UT Music Bldg.
Part of the UT Musicology Distinguished Lecture series in the UT School of


Lung your Library

Monday, February 16
So the 5k went great. I officially came in second-to last place. My wife came in last, and that was only because I pushed her down right as we were about to cross the line. How cruel...after she'd spent all that time laying back with me so I wouldn't feel bad.

Sucka. She shoulds seen that shizzle coming.

Run for fun? The hell kind of fun is that?

Friday, February 13
Hey, if I can haul my tubby, camel-smoking booty to this thing at the utter buttcrack of dawn on a Saturday, then you can too. Come on, it'll be fun.

Well, it'll be fun when they get there with the oxygen masks, at least.

Campus nudes

Thursday, February 12

Any undergraduate UTK student may apply for one of 30 Chancellor's
Summer 2004 Research Internships. Each recipient will receive a $2,000
stipend and each faculty mentor will receive a $500 honorarium. Proposals
must be submitted by March 26 to the Honors Program Office, F101 Melrose
Hall. For more info, contact Dr. Ken Walker at For forms
and other details go to

First Among Disciples, Second to None: Khun Yay and the Re-envisioning
of Buddhist Nuns in Thailand, a lecture by Dr. Rachelle M. Jacobs, UT
assistant professor of religious studies, 7:30 p.m. TODAY, Feb. 12, in 132
College of Law Bldg.


Ms. Info

I'm not sure which part Alan Chesney thinks was misinformation. Perhaps he's thinking of the reassurances given to the regular employees that this was not being considered. It was being considered, of course, and it was, as one employee rep put it, given "a beating."


There is misinformation being circulated regarding a recent discussion at the January 13, 2004, Academic and Student Affairs Employee Relations Committee (ERC) meeting. At this meeting, there was a discussion of cost saving opportunities. One example mentioned was the practice of some Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) schools, such as Pellissippi State, allowing employees during the December break to elect to use annual leave or to take leave without pay. At the February 11, 2004, Academic and Student Affairs ERC meeting, there was further discussion. The majority of representatives were not supportive of this practice, and the University is not considering changing the current holiday and administrative closing schedule.

Please share this information with your unit/department. If you have questions, please me at 974-5153.


Aside from the hilarious "please me" typo, I think it's good advice...calling him I mean. Give him a shout. Find out exactly what he meant by "misinformation."

Cheap stuff, get your cheap stuff

Wednesday, February 11
The University o' 10-s-e is auctioning off some of its stuff, which it always sells dirt cheap. Check it out on March 2 at 2021 Stephenson Dr. [37996]

This auction includes: computers, mice, monitors, speakers, desks, bookcases, UPS (that's mine, so back up), and various and sundry other office-y things. Somehow, an Air-conditinoning unit is in there as well. Hmm...

Yay, capitalism!


Tuesday, February 10
Ooh, ooh, there's a fantabulous debate about the propriety of NBA players in international (Olympic) play on the writer's bloc at espn.

Dude, I'm so totally with Mark Cuban on this one.

n00z from youtee


Students in the UT College of Law for years have run a Volunteer Income
Tax Assistance (VITA) program to provide FREE tax help for members of the
community, especially those with limited income, the disabled, the elderly,
or those who are non-English speaking. This year they will offer help from
4 to 7 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday until April 15, in 157 of the
College of Law Bldg. For more info: or

UT freshman Jennifer Lee and junior John Knapton won first place in the
Parliamentary Debate Novice Division at the Tennessee Intercollegiate
Forensic Association tourney Feb. 7 in Cookeville. Lee also won top speaker
trophy. For more info about the Tennessee Debate Society, contact Bob
Glenn, UT associate professor of communications studies, at 974-1923 or


Camp pain

Mmm...smells all electiony in here. Go vote, childrens. Then, go to the new (and by "new" I mean, of course, one month old) site/blog started by the Columbia Journalism Review. It's called the Campaign Desk, and it's a real-time critique of political reporting and journalism during the "oh-four" campaign. S'kewl. Check it.

Vote today.

Get down (or not)

Saturday, February 7
So, my wife and I were thinking about buying a down comforter, but we wanted to know how down is actually acquired from the geese (she's a bleeding-heart vegetarian...and I have no spine). So she found this website proclaiming the evils of the down "underworld."

So does anyone know how reliable this is? Infozo, you're the only one reading this, so what's up?

Don't ask not

Friday, February 6
Maybe you've heard of a movement called "For Whom the Bell Tolls," but I hadn't, until the newspaper where a friend of mine works covered a local group. It's more than a little inpirational to hear of folks in the strict and traditional midwest organizing like this.

Makes me more than proud to be half-Hoosier.

Come on down

Thursday, February 5
Want to live in downtown? Course you do. There's a unit for sale in the lovely Ryan's Row condos. It's listed at $119,000 and appraised for $150,000.

RC Hutchens Co Realty Work. 206 Widow Newman Ln Knoxville, Tennessee
37924 (865) 938-3498

Can I borrow 120 grand?


Tuesday, February 3
The station manager of the CBS affiliate in Nashville is protesting the Superbowl halftime show by writing a letter to the network. That's pretty ballsy. Here's to you, Debbie Turner. Happy jub hunting.

Google Bombed

Google is a good thing, let's get that straight. But they do have amazing power. Check out what happened today.

That's an interesting question.

State of da state

Did you see the State of the State address last night? We have got to have one of the best governors in the country. Even if you don't agree with his budget plans (although I can't imagine you disagree with all of it), you never get the feeling that he's giving you crap. I like that.

Also, as a State employee, I'm very grateful for the proposed 2% raise and 1% bonus. It's no C.O.L.A., but it's damn fine if we have a balanced budget.

The other elections

Next Tuesday is the big day in Tennessee. That's right, we're voting for Knox County Law Director, Property Assessor (that's a funny word), a city councilman, and four School Board seats (even though the stupid KNS shows five...dummies). There will be seven winners and eight losers. Probably not the most politically healthy ratio, but we'll take it.

Oh yeah, there's the presidential thing too (Do I hear McCain/Kucinich, anyone? No? Damn.).

You can still vote early and get a new refrigerator down the hall at Knoxville Center Mall. If you prefer, you can vote in a former pool hall, convenience store or county courthouse. I think this will officially make the county election commission the number one advocate of real eastate reuse in the county.

Go find out more about the little guys (I don't know him, but I'm going to vote for DJ Cright).


Monday, February 2
Hey, Mike Thomas is playing Sunday night (damn, that's a long way off) at the PrezPub. Incidentally, it will also be broadcast for all the world to hear on 100.3 as the Americana Cafe. Your friend and mine, Mitch Rutman, will be playing along.

Buy those boys a shot of whiskey; that's Johnny Cash they're playing.